Thursday, February 24, 2011

Compensation Statistics - Essential Links #2

Time for more numbers!

Here is an excellent article by David Kay Johnston. He makes many important points including that the discussion is about compensation, not wages and benefits. Also he discusses the efficiency of public pension funds, especially those in Wisconsin. If you haven't read his books, I highly recommend them.

I'm still waiting for someone to address the pension contribution on pg 46 of the LFB report that shows that executives and elected officials have a greater total contribution rate than regular union, higher rate? Especially in 2009 (effective 2011), when the total contribution jumps 12% for executive/elected and 4% for the regular employee. I am sure the overall total cost is what is significant, but I can't help thinking about the idea of shared sacrifice. I've emailed David Johnston. Would I be thrilled if he responded.

This is the Department of Public Instruction website with the wage and benefits data of every school district in the state.

Here is that same data in a searchable database so you can go and look up any public teacher. This information is totally transparent. Go play with it. See the real numbers.

This is the bureau of labor statistics. I put you on the page with 1 yr trends right on the right side. There is so much to look at here. Basically, looks to me like gov and private rate of change over the past 12 months, for what that is worth.

One of the most beautiful things about the internet is our ability to immediately access information!

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